Lab 0: ReadMe and Intro to Crime Mapping Course

By Andrew Wheeler,


These are my tutorials for my crime mapping grad level course. They are mostly in ArcGIS, although a few are in R, and one shows GeoDa. Materials are all posted online to run through the tutorials. If links don’t work, send me an email ( Feel free to use as you wish (if an instructor feel free to email for example final product I used for class).

You can see the full labs here a bit easier on GitHub, along with a syllabus. If you would like a copy of the reading (or if any of my links to materials does not work anymore), please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Each week has a set of lecture notes, along with a lab to conduct some analysis.


I need to update this course to use Pro instead of desktop is the main thing. For the near-repeat and S index section should just update to R code based on more recent work. Also should have a lab to go with discrete choice and GWR.

If you have other suggestions always feel free!

Also check out my intro to crime analysis course tutorials, mostly using ArcGIS, some R and GeoDa, as well.